November 14, 2018
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If you are the type that is regular at ATM galleries in Nigeria, You will notice or observe that there are some characters you must have encountered over time. Some are so hilarious while some are annoying.

{filename}-11 Types Of People You Will Meet At Atm Galleries In Nigeria

In this post, DKMNGR reveals some of these characters. 

1. The over-careful users

This type of people ensures that they follow strictly every detailed instruction written on the machine. The give no room for mistakes even though they have been using the machine for some time.

You may begin to think they are withdrawing so much money only to find out that they are actually withdrawing little not more N1,000 to N3,000.

2. The fast users

If you have observed, these people are usually youths, not more than 40 years of age. They are the type of people you will always pray to meet at the ATM. Whenever it is their turn you need not to panic as things will go fast for you. They don’t waste time to finish any transaction.

3. The balance checkers

This kind of people are the ones that come to check for their remaining balance. They don’t usually waste time, just good at occupying space.

4. The ATM owners

Pray you don’t meet this kind of people. They are the ones that don’t complain of hardship. They usually come to withdraw a huge sum of money and can use up to 4 ATM cards at a time. Some of them carry bags to withdraw their cash. You’ll certainly have to wait for them until they are through, though most people give up on waiting.

5. The learners

These ones are the new users. Most of them usually ask for help from nearby persons while some others come with someone. Those who came with someone to teach them can spend more than 1-hour learning how to use the ATM. Pray you don’t meet those ones that come with their aunties, regardless of the queue, they’ll ensure they fill their notebooks with lectures.

6. The confused ones

These kinds of people claim to know how to use the ATM meanwhile it’s not true. They’ll keep struggling with the machine until people on the queue start grumbling. Only at that point will they call someone to help them out. This was something they should have done earlier.

7. The doubting Thomases

This kind of people can be very annoying. They make sure they count their money after withdrawing to ensure that it is complete. Some go on to check their balance to be convinced of a successful transaction to the detriment of other people’s time.

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8. The stubborn ones

These kind of people are the ones that keep slotting in their ATM cards after it has been rejected by the machine. Some actually don’t have any money in their accounts but still want to try to see if the last Kobo will come out. Some have scrambled ATM cards, all at the expenses of other people’s time.

9. The beggars

They come with an ATM card and tell you, with a tone of desperation, how their card refused to work or how a certain transfer they were expecting, did not drop in their account and now they’re stranded. Seeing you’ve just withdrawn 20k or more, how will you feel not helping such a person (usually fairly and well-dressed) with just N500?

10. Space owners

These ones are the kind that come in from nowhere to occupy any space claiming they were the first to stay there. At that point you may think it has started reaching your turn only for somebody to come and claim position in front of you, sometimes it may lead to arguments and quarrel. Wetin concern me?

11. The quick transactors 

This is a new category of people. They’ll come to you with either cash or smartphone and beg you to either make a transfer for them and they’ll give you the cash or you give them cash and they’ll transfer to your account. Some are honest while some are just fraudsters, either way, can be annoying.

That’s all I can figure out! Are there still some you must have met that is not on the list? Try letting us know through the comment section.