Whose relation is this? Patrick Obahiagbon’s? This video is a must watch!


This guy gave his testimony in English you haven’t heard in a long time since Patrick Obahiagbon went into obscurity. Lol.


In a testimony that has gone wild now on social media now, A man took the microphone to tell his story.

He said ”  God trans glorify my disgrace to amazing grace, my hopeless desert to a fruitful arena.

It all happened that, “‘by ‘ ” during my formative age, I was vastly strong academically

day back in college of education. but at a time I felt some psychological laceration, narcosis, Narcissistic, a state of ‘what no one understood’

The church was filled with laughter as the pastor approached him to repeat himself clearly. This time he said ” I was bedevilled by acute psychological laceration, narcosisNarcissistic...

he went ahead to say “I was doing well academically and at a time mine was a bitter by Fatique that the thing was so excruciating.

Acute and nervous that I just said lord I begin to pray any time I want to go and sleep ‘father if I have to continue with this ailment tomorrow just take my life

it was so bizarre to that moment but whenever I woke up, instead of being happy I would be sad but I just talk to give God thanks to today, he has given me immunity, sparkling like electricity, to truncate …

Watch the video below…