About Us


Dkmngr founded in 2015 and has already become one of the fastest PR and Brand Building firm in Nigeria.

Dkmngr PR team consist of young talents and professionals. Our talent in networking, profession in law and journalism, with experts in public relations makes us one of the fastest PR Firm in Nigeria.

What we do: –

– Create media connect that aimed in reducing distances between an industry and the public.

– Also manages communication activities and image of an organization to develop and advance
an organization image and broaden the band.

– Our goal is to engage client’s newsworthy message and to create Authentic listening in the
community daily.

– have experts in mass communication, and giving trending information with or without
targeted Audience.

-build a friendly channel aimed at a brand with the strategy to understand its customers.



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Our story

*brings reliability and flexibility into the running of an organization with the provision of ‘media communities’ *Engaging through various relationships that a client may have formed with public

*lead and manages communication activities/plan to advance the brand identity. *work with the management team for friendly internal/external communication opportunities.